Catalog You, LLC

Home and business inventories


Catalog You is a home and business inventory business.  We provide videos and pictures of all your belongings for your insurance, legal and personal needs. If you were to suffer a loss in a natural disaster or theft/vandalism, you have a record of your belongings to show to your insurance company or your attorney.

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Our Services

Video Inventory


Your home means a lot to you.  We can't predict natural disasters or vandalism/theft. We provide a video of:

  • The exterior of your home or business
  • All appliances and electronics (including serial numbers)
  • All furniture, artwork and personal belongings
  • All videos will be uploaded to the cloud or on a thumb drive for you to send to your insurance agent or attorney.


($50 of Dayton area inventories are donated to organizations in the Dayton, Ohio area for people who were affected by the Memorial Day tornadoes 2019)

Complete Home Inventory


Your home is:

  • Completely photographed and videoed. 
  • All your items are documented, including appliances along with their tags showing the model and serial numbers.  All drawers and cabinets are photographed. 
  • Your inventory is printed and delivered in a binder along with a thumb drive and a link to your inventory on a cloud service (such as Google Drive). 


2k sq ft or less

(add $100 for each additional 1k sq ft)

Business Inventory


The same great inventory you expect from your home inventory, but we get things like your computer equipment and serial numbers, office supplies, furniture and more.*


5 Employees or less

Larger offices - contact for quote

*Sorry - we do not do retail inventory at this time.